Adopted Text: Possible embezzlement of Union humanitarian and development aid funds | The European Parliament

The European Parliament used a procedural vote on the “discharge”  of the 2013 EU budget to criticize the lack of controls over humanitarian aid to the Tindouf camps, following an EU Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) report on the embezzlement of aid by the Polisario:

European ParliamentShared and decentralised management: Deficiencies in the Commission’s and Member States’ management
Possible embezzlement of Union humanitarian and development aid funds

241.   Takes note that OLAF drafted a report on the humanitarian aid granted to the Sahrawi refugee camp of Tindouf in Algeria (OF 2003/526); calls on the Commission to clarify the measures taken in response to the findings of that report; notes that according to a UNHCR inquiry report the non-registration of a refugee population for such a prolonged period (i.e almost 30 years after their arrival) constitutes “an abnormal and unique situation in the UNHCR’s history”; urges the Commission to ensure that the Algerian or Sahrawi individuals incriminated by the OLAF report no longer have access to aid funded by Union taxpayers; calls on the Commission to re-evaluate and adapt Union aid to the actual needs of the population concerned and to ensure that the interests and needs of the refugees will not be harmed because they are the most vulnerable to any possible irregularity;..[Full Text – in ‘Texts Adopted: Part 1]

Texts Adopted: Part I’

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