King and Gabonese President launch in Libreville construction of vocational training center in transport and logistics | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI concludes his tour of West and Central Africa:

MAP logoKing Mohammed VI and Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba launched, on Friday in Libreville, construction of a vocational training center in transports and logistics professions, illustrating once more Morocco’s African calling and the Sovereign’s permanent commitment for robust south-south cooperation.

Worth 57 million dirhams investment, the center, to be carried out by the Mohammed VI foundation for sustainable development, reflects the particular interest that  King grants to human training and qualification, as a corner stone of any development project and His will to support the sister country of Gabon conduct its “emerging Gabon” strategic plan that seeks to speed up the country’s economic growth and diversify growth sources.

The training center in transports and logistics professions will help meet the economic operators’ needs in qualified human resources, consolidate youth employability and promote their integration in the labor market, and support the ongoing socio-economic development projects in Gabon.

With an annual capacity of 1,000 trainees, this pole of excellence, extending over an area of 3.5 ha, will provide initial training to young people as well as continuous training to enterprise employees in 13 branches associated with transport and logistics. Trainees will follow training cycles of specialized technician (Baccalaureate), qualification and specialization.

Funds are supplied by the Mohammed VI Foundation for sustainable development (40 Million DH) and the Office of Vocational Training and Labor Promotion (17 million DH) which will also provide technical assistance, training engineering and training of trainers.

It stands as a successful symbol of South-South cooperation, reflecting Morocco’s unwavering will to back Gabon’s economic and social development, as part of win-win partnership. It also illustrates the Kingdom’s strong desire and commitment to further deepen this type of partnership through diversifying and expanding its fields of cooperation and making use of innovative tools to share its expertise in wealth and job-generating sectors…[original story, subscription required]

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