France-Morocco: Arrest of gangster on the lam translates excellent security cooperation | North Africa Post

Morocco’s security cooperation hailed following the successful arrest of a Cannes jewelry thief:

The North Africa PostFollowing the arrest, the French and Moroccan ministers of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve and Mohamed Assad, issued a joint communiqué hailing the two countries’ excellent cooperation and strengthened partnership in security matters.

”The arrest of this criminal who was on the run illustrates the excellence of French-Moroccan police cooperation in the framework of the strengthening of partnership between the two countries in security matters,” say the two officials in the communiqué. France and Morocco have decided to strengthen their security cooperation mechanisms, particularly in terms of feedback in the case of joint investigations, to multiply meetings between security officials in both countries, and to enhance coordination between their respective security departments in order to address challenges related to terrorism and organized crime, and to preserve an intensive and trusted sharing of intelligence and experience, the statement said.

The statement recalled the record seizure of 6 tons of cannabis resin, near Marseilles on July 27 that was carried out “in perfect coordination” between Moroccan and French police. That was ”another example of a successful partnership,” the two officials said, expressing optimism as to the promising future of French-Moroccan cooperation.

Paris has already submitted a request to Morocco for the extradition of Nabil Ibelati to serve his prison term in France…[FULL STORY]


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