Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire willing to foster cooperation on transportation | MAP

Morocco continues to foster development ties in Africa, now working on improving transportation with Ivory Coast:

MAP logoMinister of equipment, transportation and logistics Aziz Rabbah met, on Monday in Rabat, with Ivorian counterpart Sem Gaoussou Touré on means and ways to reinforce cooperation in the field of transportation.

“Our Ivorian brothers take great interest in the Moroccan experience in all areas, mainly in the field of transportation and logistics, and are attached, like us, to the implementation of all agreements signed in the presence of  King Mohammed VI and Ivorian president Alassane Ouatara,” Rabbah told the press.

While bilateral cooperation on air transportation is satisfactory, Morocco is urged to play a more important role in regional transportation in western Africa, and sea transportation should be reinforced to reduce the cost of logistics, said the minister, noting that a memorandum of understanding was signed to set up sea routes that would facilitate goods transportation and boost trade exchanges.

Gaoussou Touré stressed that his country wants to benefit from the Moroccan expertise in the transport sector, adding that Ivorian officials are eager to learn from the experience of Moroccan carrier RAM, the best African air company in 2014, to shore up national airline “Air Côte d’Ivoire”…[ORIGINAL STORY, SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]


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