UCS Report Analyzes Emission Reduction Targets of Canada, China, Ethiopia, Morocco | Union of Concerned Scientists

Morocco’s climate pledge deemed exemplary by watchdog:

union of concerned scientists[…] Of the four countries examined in this analysis, Morocco’s INDC ranked the strongest. By modernizing their agricultural sector, establishing policies to increase forest areas, and rehabilitating existing ecosystems, the country plans to reduce all-sector emissions 13 percent by 2030 through their own efforts or 31 percent in that same timeframe if given international monetary support.

“China and Canada’s strategies to reduce land sector emissions pale in comparison to the priority and specificity Morocco gives it in their INDC,” said Ferretti-Gallon. “Additionally, unlike Ethiopia’s plan, Morocco confirms that action is possible, even without external international financing. Morocco has shown a model that other developing nations should emulate in terms of both crafting a strong INDC and taking advantage of the enormous potential to reduce carbon emissions in the land use sector.”..[FULL STORY]


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