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The roots of golf in Morocco:

Morocco, steeped in tradition and history, has entered an age where the traditional and modern coincide beautifully and harmoniously. This is evident in everything from architecture to everyday life in various cities like Marrakesh, Agadir, Casablanca and Rabat. Under the leadership of King Hassan II the country adopted a broad market-based economy, where agriculture, tourism, and phosphate mining play a major economic role unlike most other Arab countries that are dependent on oil. A component of the tourism sector that has grown steadily over the years came about in a most unpredicted way through the King’s love of golf.

Traditions and legacies take time to be built. Perhaps there is no greater example of this than what King Hassan II created back in 1971 with the inception of the Hassan II Golf Trophy. His love for golf created surprising friendships, an aura of diplomacy and the start of golf tourism for the country. He was ahead of his time by realizing that golf was a way for him to showcase the best of his country to influential people including an international cast of PGA playing professionals. King Hassan II was an early adapter of a strategy that many country tourist boards are currently trying to develop and implement.

Golf has played a role in Morocco for over a century with the first course opening in Tangier in 1914. Today there are more than 30 courses with several more in development. King Hassan II had such a passion for golf that he created interest, intrigue, good will and put the best of Morocco on display through golf. He surrounded himself with many influential golf people like Billy Casper and Calude Harmon that in their own right were legends of the game and came to love Morocco and treat it as their second home…[FULL STORY]


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