EIB Lends Morocco 75 Mln Euro for Water & Sanitation Projects | North Africa Post

Morocco is receiving support for water & sanitation projects to increase quality, reduce waste, and build resiliency of infrastructure:

The North Africa PostThe European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted Morocco this week a 75 million loan destined to help the North African country carry out projects aimed at increasing the capacity of the water production & distribution and improving sanitation networks.

This financing operation backs Morocco’s 2012-2016 national strategy to provide the population with fair access to basic services and modernize priority infrastructure.

“This is a key financing operation for Morocco”, said the EIB vice-president Román Escolano. “Access to good quality water is essential to the economic and social life of a country. It is a source of life and an asset that must be preserved at all costs. That is why it is essential to provide every municipality with modern, efficient, environmentally friendly infrastructure that can support economic activity while improving people’s quality of life”, stressed the European bank official.

According to some experts, Morocco’s rapidly growing population and burgeoning economic activity have increased demand for water throughout the country…[FULL STORY]


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