Interview with Mr. Abdesselam Aboudrar, Chair, Central Authority for Corruption Prevention, Kingdom of Morocco | UNCA Coalition

Morocco’s continuing reform efforts to eradicate corruption:

unca coalitionWhat is the current situation in Morocco regarding anti-corruption efforts?

The citizens are more and more demanding. As a result of our efforts, the government is about to adopt an anti-corruption strategy. It’s been a 20-year fight by civil society and our own institution.

What has also been achieved is the adoption of some laws and regulations. For example, the asset declaration law; the law on the protection of victims and experts; new regulations on public procurement; and reform of the judiciary were introduced in the last 4-6 years. Now this legal framework has to be implemented and enforced and reviewed. Some things don’t work in practice.

With regard to popular demand, if it is just negative, the forces that benefit are the bad ones. When there is an effort to seek positive ways of change, then the results can be positive…[FULL STORY]


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