Morocco To Train Its Youth For “Green Jobs” | Le Monde

Morocco is gearing up to train green energy workers in tandem with their renewable energy capacity targets, which could create as many as “50,000 to 60,000 jobs” by 2020:

le mondeIn addition to the green star on its red flag, the Kingdom of Morocco also wants to make its economy green. The national strategy, launched in 2009, gave priority to renewable energy and the development of energy efficiency in general. Morocco aims to have 42% of its electricity come from renewable sources in 2020, compared to 26% currently.

A way to secure the supply of energy, in a country that currently relies on imports to meet 90% of its energy needs, a domestic energy sector would also be a reliable source of jobs. “It could create 50,000 to 60,000 jobs by 2020,” estimates Calogero Sciandra, Project Manager at the French Development Agency (AFD, partner of Monde Afrique). What is needed now is to train workers qualified for these jobs.

“This project is the most ambitious in the sector,” notes Calogero Sciandra. Three Institutes for Occupational Training in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (Ifmeree) will open their doors, despite a much delayed start. In Oujda, the northernmost part of the country, the brand new buildings are expected to welcome their first students in the coming weeks. The Institutes of Ouarzazate and Tanger, which are not yet up and running, should be operating by 2017…[FULL STORY, IN FRENCH]


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