Five Moroccan judges visit Grand Island | The Grand Island Independent

A group of Moroccan judges are currently touring the U.S. “to learn about the American judicial system, civil institutions and American life, as well as strengthen relations between the two countries”:

the Grand Island IndependentMorocco has a strong relationship with the United States, a bond that dates back a very long time.

A group of judges from Morocco, visiting Grand Island this week, pointed out that Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States of America, back in 1777.

The five judges also noted that Morocco has strong human rights policies and a good representation of women in the country’s judiciary. No other Arab country has more women judges than Morocco, where females constitute 36 percent of those on the bench. The first female judge in Morocco was appointed in 1965.

The visitors are judges for Morocco’s Court of Cassation, which is the country’s highest court.

The Grand Island Area Council for International Visitors is hosting the group, which is in the U.S. as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program. Grand Island is the third stop on the group’s three-week tour, following visits to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. The judges leave Wednesday for Reno, Nev…[FULL STORY]


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