VIDEO: Bill Murray on Morocco | YouTube

Bill Murray talks about his experience in Morocco in this clip from his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live (begins at 2:47):


Interview transcript:

Murray: We shot it in Morocco.

Kimmel: In Morocco?

Murray: Yeah.

Kimmel: And do people know you in Morocco? The citizenry?

Murray: No.

Kimmel: They do not?

Murray: No.

Kimmel: Well that’s nice.

Murray: It was very nice.

Kimmel: Yeah, I would think so. And after this movie, you’ve got a Christmas special on Netflix that-

Murray: I recommend Morocco to anyone, I really do. I think it’s really wonderful.

Kimmel: This Christmas special-

Murray: Not just because they’re fun, but it’s nice. For the cowards in the audience – you know who you are – it’s entry-level Africa, and entry-level Muslim World, and they’re the most generous, kind, normal, nice people, and it’s beautiful. It’s a spectacular-

Kimmel: They like Americans there?

Murray: I’m receiving nothing for that; I’m just saying it’s nice. They like Americans.

Kimmel: You don’t get a rug or anything like that?

Murray: They’re just really sweet, they’re really gentle people. It’s a nice place to be. I’d go back there and work anytime.

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