USGC Builds Connections With the Commercial Beef Industry in Morocco | U.S. Grains Council

A Moroccan delegation hosted by the U.S. Grains Council visits Texas to build on their successes in growing dairy and beef production in Morocco:

us grains councilA team of leaders from COPAG, a dairy and beef cattle cooperative in Morocco, traveled to Texas last week to see firsthand state-of-the-art beef feeding, harvesting and processing on a learning journey sponsored by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC). In addition, they learned about management techniques that improve quantity and quality of beef harvested.

Morocco’s beef sector had an annual production level of 254,000 tons in 2014, which is 50 percent higher than 2008. This achievement is directly related to the implementation of an agricultural development plan known as the Green Morocco Plan, which aims to aggregate small farmers into investment projects that help them capture added value of their crops and build their operations.

The plan aimed for the beef sector to increase production by 80 percent to reach 310,000 tons with a per capita consumption of 10 kilograms by 2020. To achieve this increase in production, the Moroccan beef industry must use improved genetics, feed more animals to heavier weights and increase the grain and co-products inclusion rates in ruminant diets…[FULL STORY]


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