Morocco Gets $200m World Bank Loan to Upgrade Urban Transport | North Africa Post

The World Bank supports new development in Morocco, this time focusing on transportation systems:

The North Africa PostThe World Bank has lent Morocco $200 million to support the North African country’s efforts to modernize its urban public transport to meet the demand of its growing urban population.

The loan will also serve to improve urban mobility in Morocco, and in particular the quality and management of public transport.

According to the World Bank, about 60% of Moroccans are living in cities wherein public transport system is under growing pressure. Local councils have struggled to build new roads and manage public transportation due to limited resources.

To address these difficulties and challenging issues, Moroccan authorities worked out an ambitious transport program seeking to improve the quality of urban transport services and reduce travel time.

This program, which will focus on cities of over 100,000 inhabitants in nine regions, aims to strengthen the capacity of local authorities to plan and monitor public transport.

Dubbed “Program for Results (PforR)”, this pilot project will release funds only when milestones agreed upon in advance are completed…[FULL STORY]

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