Leonardo DiCaprio Sends Loving Message to Morocco | Morocco World News

Leonardo DiCaprio describes Morocco as “so alive, so beautiful…[and] full of energy”:

morocco world newsAmerican actor Leonardo DiCaprio expressed in a video his love for Morocco and his desire to return to such “fabulous” and “beautiful” country.

DiCaprio’s video was aired on Friday at the 15th Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), during the tribute ceremony paid to American actor, writer and producer Willem Dafoe, according to HuffPost Maroc.

The “Titanic” star mentioned his work trips to shoot films in Morocco and how much he enjoyed his time with Moroccans whom he called “extraordinary”.

“I spent four wonderful months during a shoot in Morocco. I went back for a period of two weeks to shoot the movie Inception. People are extraordinary,” Leo said…[FULL STORY]


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