The anti Silicon Valley: Start-up haven blooms in Moroccan paradise | CNN

CNN checks out The Blue House, a tech incubator space in Morocco that has been called “one of the world’s best start-up hubs”:

CNNThe sleepy shores of Taghazout have traditionally been shared between the local fishing community and traveling surfers.

The pinprick town on Morocco’s west coast has sketchy Internet coverage and little obvious appeal to workaholic, technophile entrepreneurs. But buzz is building around Taghazout in start-up circles, and it is becoming an international hotspot.

Taghazout is currently rated the fifth best town for “digital nomads” to live and work in, by the users of Nomadlist. Virgin recently named it alongside Seattle and London as one of the world’s best start-up hubs.

One indication of local progress is The Blue House — a new co-working space, incubator and retreat that launched in October out of a six bedroom villa in the adjacent village of Tamraght.

Founder Aline Mayard believes the environment offers an inspiring and healthy alternative to the frenetic start-up scenes of Western cities…[FULL STORY]


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