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The Marrakech International Film Festival gives global attention to Morocco’s burgeoning film industry:

newsweek middle east[…]

The Marrakesh film festival has long aspired to expose developing filmmakers from regions such as Africa or Eastern Europe, who typically have less exposure to the global film circuit.

While this year’s nine-day affair in Marrakech has been replete with international Hollywood, European and Bollywood stars, at least three of this year’s 15 competing films are made by first-time filmmakers.

With respected directors and actors such as Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and Isabelle Huppert chairing Marrakech film juries, the platform offered by the festival to aspiring filmmakers has also had an impact on Morocco’s burgeoning film industry itself, Lakhmari told Newsweek Middle East.

“How do we change the image of how other people look at us? By making our own films, and the young people are aware of this,” Lakhmari added.

Indeed, the Moroccan director signed a contract on December 9, with Icflix, a Dubai-based streaming and video on demand platform, to direct five new feature films within the next seven years to be streamed online worldwide…[FULL STORY]


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