King Mohammed VI Highlights Morocco’s Role in Enhancing Interfaith Dialogue | North Africa Post

Remarks from the International Conference on the Rights of Religious Minorities in Islamic Countries:

The North Africa PostKing Mohammed VI of Morocco has underlined this Monday the leading role played by his country in promoting interfaith dialogue and fostering religious tolerance.

In his opening address to the international conference on the rights of religious minorities in Islamic countries, currently held in Marrakech, the Monarch said Morocco has always been an outstanding model of cultural coexistence and interaction between Islam and other religions, particularly Judaism and Christianity.

“One of the glorious pages in this history was the emergence of the Moroccan-Andalusian civilization, which brought together various communities”, said the Moroccan Sovereign, recalling that large numbers of Muslims had moved from Andalusia to settle in the country which has been hosting a Jewish community since the pre-Islamic era…[FULL STORY]


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