US President Warns Of Growing Antisemitism, Mentions Marrakech Conference | Morocco World News

President Barack Obama mentions Marrakech World Summit on Protection of non-Muslims in Muslim Countries during speech on International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

morocco world news[…] The US president mentioned Morocco’s conference on “The rights of religious minorities in Islamic lands,” which has just been held in Marrakech.

“In Morocco, leaders from Muslim-majority countries around the world just held a summit on protecting religious minorities, including Jews and Christians,” Obama said.

In a message addressed to the Marrakech conference, the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, reminded the participants of the Islamic teachings, which “recommended that Jews and Christians were to be treated well, and that no monk, rabbi or person found praying in a place of worship could be killed in a time of war.”..[FULL STORY]




morocco welcomes jewish people from all around the world, they are part of our rich cultural history and the are welcome in Morocco at anytime.

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