Cooking School: Start the year with Moroccan cuisine | Pensacola News Journal

Moroccan recipes continue to gain popularity in the US:

pensacola news journalIn Morocco, bread is almost sacred. A crust dropped on the floor is picked up, kissed and put back in its proper place. Freshly baked daily, every morsel is eaten.

Slightly crisp and softly scented, flat disc-shaped ksra accompanies each meal. This easy-to-make and very absorbent Moroccan bread readily soaks up sauces, and any trace of delicious juices left on the plate. Wedges act as pushers to mound themselves with couscous, tagines or salads.

With the New Year switched on, my taste buds are turned on, too — searching beyond the familiar to exotic ethnic tastes. Ready to leave the holiday carnivore crush behind, Moroccan vegetable salads are calling my name…[FULL STORY]


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