Morocco on Track for 2020 Renewable Goals | Forbes

Morocco is “on track” to become a global leader in renewable energy production:

Forbes-logoMorocco’s efforts to boost renewable energy in the north African nation took a step forward last week with news that it made up about 35% of energy generation in the country.

According to government officials, the renewable sector’s progress puts it on track to reach a 42 percent goal within the next few years.

Industry media quoted Ali Fassi Fihri, general manager of the national power utility ONEE as stating that when adding the projects that are currently under construction in wind, solar and hydro, Morocco is on track to achieve a 43% renewable share by 2020. If achieved, this would put the country far ahead of regional neighbors in alternative energy contributions. Further, the country intends to reach a 52% share by 2030, putting it ahead of many European countries…[FULL STORY]


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