NATO: Morocco, Beacon of Stability in MENA Region | North Africa Post

A NATO official praises Morocco as “strong, confident and moderate”:

The North Africa PostMorocco has been a beacon of stability in a region beset with strife, said NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow during his trip to the country last week.

The North African Kingdom has gone further than most to thwart the chaos and violence that seized so many countries in North Africa and the Middle East, not through repression, but by embracing reform, stressed Vershbow.

The social, political and economic reforms that have been implemented here have helped this country to chart a course of stability and progress, added the NATO official, hailing Moroccan efforts to spread moderate Islam throughout North Africa and the Sahel.

The North African country should be commended and should be proud of the progress it has made so far. “And I encourage you to continue along this path of reform,” he said…[FULL STORY]


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