Morocco Opens Fertilizer Plant Dedicated to African market | MedAfrica Times

Another step forward in Morocco’s role as a “regional key player” in Africa:

medafricatimesMorocco, which has the world largest phosphates reserves, has opened new fertilizer plant dedicated to the African market, confirming the country’s commitment to the African continent.

The plant was inaugurated by King Mohammed VI, a fervent advocate for African causes. OCP state-owned company has injected $537 million in the plant in the Jorf Lasfar area, located on the Atlantic coast.

The plant includes units that can produce 1 million tons of fertilizer, 1.4 million tons of sulfuric acid and 450,000 tons of phosphoric acid annually.

Moroccan companies, including banks and insurers, have been investing aggressively in Sub-Saharan Africa. OCP has already signed agreements with African governments and firms…[FULL STORY]


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