Student brings successful Moroccan fashion brand to the US | Daily Trojan

A Moroccan-American student combines Moroccan fashion with business:

Daily TrojanMalak Mossadek, a sophomore majoring in business administration, spent his childhood in Morocco and adolescence in Boston. By combining his diverse backgrounds, Mossadek decided to create a clothing company for authentic and unique women’s wear in the United States. He aims to raise awareness for Moroccan culture as well as aspects of Western culture through his brand. With every piece of clothing handmade, sewn and exported overseas, this USC student has a one-of-a-kind company for irreplaceable products.

Daily Trojan: How did your company and brand start, and why did you decide to do it?

Malak Mossadek: La Tunique started back when I was in Morocco. I was born in Morocco, but moved to Boston when I was 13 years old. I always wanted to create something out of it. It was something that I really wanted to cultivate. There’s no handmade stuff. You cannot find this anywhere. I always wanted to push whatever I wanted in Morocco; I wanted to see these beautiful [pieces] elsewhere. Beach coverups, tunics, prom dresses, evening wear, etc.

DT: What is La Tunique, what does it stand for and why did you name it?

MM: La Tunique, it means “a single tunic” in French. I based it on the one-of-a-kind tunic that I am selling, that cannot be replicated. One designer, one fabric, pretty much exclusive. We were originally a women’s sewing company in Morocco, with two tailors and designers, and I wanted to create a brand out of it in America. I wanted a fusion clothing style that combines Westernized fashion and a Moroccan touch. Everything is handmade. We use high-premium Swarovski rocks to embellish every piece. Everything from the fabric to the sewing is 100 percent authentic work and cannot be duplicated…[FULL STORY]

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