In Morocco’s Atlas mountains, Berber girls find the way out of rural poverty: an education | The Guardian

FThe Guardian profiled the Moroccan NGO Education For All, which provides accommodation, food, and extra academic support for girls in rural Morocco who otherwise may not have access to education:

Zahra [one of EFA’s students] bubbles with enthusiasm for the chance that has been handed to her: “At primary school, I really enjoyed studying but I knew there was little chance I would get to go to secondary school. When I was selected [by EFA], I was so happy. I was really nervous when I first got to the boarding house but I feel like I have found myself since being there.

“I believe I will now have a good future and will be able to improve things for my family. My parents have been so supportive. They wanted me to have a better life than the one they have had. My first year of university will be very hard,” she says. “I’m sure, as it’s a very different life there, but I think it will be good for me”…

Maryk Stroosnijder, one of the founders of EFA, says: “I think it is quite hard for the first girls because others look up to them, but the attitudes are slowly changing. The first parents took a risk and now we have parents begging us to take their girls.” [FULL STORY]

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