Morocco’s Return to African Union: Washington Praises HM the King’s ‘Strong Leadership’ | MAP

MAP logoThe United States has praised Morocco’s return to the African Union and the “strong leadership” of HM King Mohammed VI, the State Department said Tuesday.

The United States congratulates Morocco on its return, the State Department said, underlining that “HM King Mohammed VI’s strong leadership and the government of Morocco have returned the country to its rightful place in the institutional family of the African continent”.

“We believe Morocco’s membership in the African Union will positively contribute to the continent’s further economic, political, and social integration and to its stability and security”, the same source added.

An overwhelming majority of African countries on Monday voted in favor of Morocco’s return to the African Union (AU), during the 28th Summit of African Heads of State and Government, which is being held in Addis Ababa…[ORIGINAL STORY, SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]

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