Oxford Business Group Highlights Morocco as a “Gateway” for Foreign investors in Africa



MOTM—Starting today, Washington, DC will be hosting delegations from nearly fifty African states, in town for President Barack Obama’s first-ever US-Africa Leaders Summit. It’s sure to be a topic of conversation among policy wonks, and to prepare for those interactions, it would be worth taking a look at the Oxford Business Group’s latest press release.

The research firm—which has been providing economic and business research on African markets for more than a decade – came up with a list of the top five issues defining economic development in Africa—the “new kid in the international investment community.”

Among them: South-South cooperation, Africa’s growing middle class, and “gateway opportunities.” It’s on the latter point that OBG highlighted Morocco:

Some markets are also deliberately positioning themselves as a low-risk entry point to greenfield opportunities elsewhere. Morocco, for example, has a growing list of companies doing business in the region, with assets throughout Francophone Africa.

Following the withdrawal of French banks during the global economic crisis from African markets, Moroccan banks moved in, spurring a dramatic increase in Africa-focused investment from North African firms in everything from telecoms to insurance. As a result, Morocco is able to serve as an accessible gateway for foreign investors keen on tapping more challenging markets elsewhere.


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