GE Seals 56-Turbine Morocco Win [Recharge]

Morocco continues to advance their efforts to become a world leader in green energy. General Electric was selected for the latest wind energy development:

Rechargewind energyGeneral Electric says it will supply 56 1.7MW turbines for a 100MW wind farm in Morocco, the company’s first in North Africa.

The turbines will have 100 meter rotors.

The project in southern Morocco is part of a 720MW first phase of the government’s plan to generate 2GW of power from wind by 2020…[Full Story]



Congratulations, mabrouk
I hope this is a good thing for Morocco and for the citizen of our beautiful country.
Where in the South are these turbines going to be installed? Is the landscape altered in anyway?
People of Massachusetts did not agree with the turbines on the shores of cape Cod because they did not want to destroy the beauty of their region.
I wish all the best to all progressive use of sustainable and renewable energies in our country.
Next is water, what are we doing about water?
Khayr in sha Allah,
Masha Allah, mabroulk again.

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