Morocco Chairs Tunis Conference of Arab Antiterrorism Officials [Maghreb Arab Press]

Last week, Morocco chaired a conference of Arab antiterrorism officials in Tunisia, aiming to promote international coordination in counter-terrorism strategies:

MAP logoMorocco is chairing the 17th conference of Arab antiterrorism officials that opened on Wednesday in Tunis.

The Moroccan representative in the conference stressed at the conference opening that the world, including Arab countries, are facing several challenges, including extremism, drug trafficking, money laundering, cyber-crimes, illegal immigration and weapons trafficking and proliferation.
He urged for joining efforts, consolidating coordination of security operations and defining the adequate approach to fight efficiently against these threats to countries’ stability and security, noting that this requires “cooperation and coordination of operations, proactive security operations and consolidation of the legal arsenal in order to thwart criminal plans and terrorist and affiliated groups”.
Secretary-General of the Arab interior ministerial conference, sponsor of the conference, said the meeting is held as violence and extremism discourse is spread, insisting that only solidarity will preserve the Arab nation against tragic consequences.
He also urged for regional and international cooperation to dry up terrorism sources, fighting poverty and ignorance and settling armed conflicts.The two-day meeting will look into an updated Arab counter-terrorism strategy, proactive security operations, the role of social media in spreading terrorist ideas and the economic factor in fighting terrorism…[Original Story, Subscription Required]

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