Morocco Matches Skills and Growth Sectors [The Africa Report]

Morocco is bringing the private and public sector together to promote employable skills and job growth in promising industries:

the Africa Reportindustrial jobs economyOn the afternoon of 11 September, not far away from Mohamed V airport in Casablanca, the Institut Spécialisé des Métiers de l’Aéronautique et de la Logistique Aéroportuaire (ISMALA) has an unusual buzz.

Students wearing their dark-blue overalls are conscientiously working on different pieces of aircraft, drilling, nailing and folding materials, making it hard to hear what the director of the institute, Abdelhadi Ben Mkaddem, is trying to say.

Today is a special day as the ISMALA has just received the Haas Technical Education Center certification, a first in Africa.

“There are around a hundred aeronautical companies in Morocco […] Having an international certification is a way to reassure investors about the quality of our workforce, therefore increasing the chance of attracting foreign companies and the number of jobs waiting for our students at the end of their training,” says Larbi Bencheikh, director of the Office de la Formation Professionnelle et de la Promotion du Travail (OFPPT), which – under the education ministry – oversees ISMALA…[Full Story]


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