Oxford Business Group: “In ten years, Morocco has reinvented itself” [Jeune Afrique]

Morocco’s development model praised by a leading international research firm:

Jeune AfriqueAccording to Oxford Business Group, which celebrated its ten years in Morocco, on November 5 in Casablanca, the Kingdom of Morocco has experienced a remarkable economic and social transformation in the last decade.

Oxford Business Group, the economic intelligence group, celebrated on November 5 in Casblanca, its ten years in Morocco. The anniversary is an opportunity to review the social and economic developments that marked the country.

“In 10 years, Morocco reinvented itself in a way,” insisted Peter Grimsditch, research director at the Oxford Business Group. Since 2004, the kingdom’s banking rate went from 34% to 58%, its highway system went from 600 to 1500 kilometers, and its illiteracy rate declined by 13 points to 30%…[Full story, article in French]


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