Women as change agents [The Courier Journal]

An article by three women politicians from the US, Egypt, and Morocco, co-authored by Loubna Amhaïr of the Moroccan House of Representatives:

the courier journalThroughout history, we have seen the effectiveness of women in resolving conflicts and affecting lasting change. As elected women leaders in the United States, Egypt and Morocco, we know how important it is to include women in decision-making. In the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States, we have seen the active engagement of women in conflicts, revolutions, and the prevention of government shutdowns. Women leaders resolving conflict in the world at large could not come at a better time. From Iraq and Syria to Pakistan and Afghanistan, women are raising their voices, working to end conflict and speaking up for peace and the betterment of their families and communities. It is time for lawmakers to do our part as well.

Legislation has been an important tool to empower women in the fight for equal access to decision-making positions and governing bodies. In 2000, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security laid the foundation for a global vision of lasting peace. Women’s role in building that peace had been essential, especially in places where women have been actively excluded from leadership and decision-making roles…[Full Story]

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