Empowering Entrepreneurship in Morocco and Beyond [The Atlantic Council]

Moroccan entrepreneur Yasmine El Baggari on promoting job creation and entrepreneurship:

Atlantic Council

Ambassador Dwight Bush,

Ambassador Dwight Bush, Vice President Joe Biden, and Moroccan Entrepreneur Yasamine El Baggari

With more than half of the Arab world under the age of twenty-five, countries in the Middle East and North Africa face unique challenges in addressing the problems of unemployment, inequality, and poverty. Morocco in particular has an opportunity to embrace and meet the youth’s expectations by providing tools, information, and support not only to encourage motivated millennials to become young entrepreneurs, but also to become ethical change-makers in their own communities. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Marrakech this year played an important role in Morocco’s next steps: highlighting the importance of engagement between the youth and the older generation of educators, government officials, and business leaders to implement a wide range of initiatives that can enhance and encourage entrepreneurs to thrive…[Full Story]

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