Zaatari Camp: Over 15,000 Syrian Refugees Treated at Moroccan Field Hospital in December | Maghreb Arab Press

A Moroccan field hospital in Jordan is treating thousands of Syrian refugees every month:

MAP logoSome 15,279 Syrian refugees were treated in December at the Moroccan medical-surgical field hospital set up at the Zaatari camp, in Al Mafraq region north-eastern Jordan.

According to the data provided by the hospital administration, children topped the list of beneficiaries (5,742), followed by women (5,031) and men (4,506).

These refugees benefited from 23,398 medical services, 113 surgeries and 10,936 free of charge prescriptions, the same source said.

During this month, the emergency department received 3,042 patients, while 353 others received psychological support.

The number of women who gave birth in the hospital reached 27 cases last month.

Launched in August 2012, the Moroccan medical-surgical field hospital has a capacity of 60 expandable beds and provides services to Syrian refugees on the Jordanian-Syrian border…[Original Story, Subscription Required]

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