Morocco’s experience in fighting extremism, ‘model in the world’- US security Expert | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco receives more praise for it’s exemplary approach to fighting extremism during the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism:

MAP logoMorocco’s experience in fighting violent extremism stands as a model to follow not only for the Middle East and North Africa but also for the whole world, Director of the Africa Center of the US think-tank Atlantic Council, Peter Pham said on Wednesday

Morocco’s strategy to counter violent extremism stands as a model in the region and in the world as it is based on a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of extremism through social and economic programs along with the promotion of a moderated Islam, said Pham in a statement to MAP on the sidelines of the White House Summit on violent extremism held on February 18-20 in Washington.

The American expert stressed the centrality of the Institution of the Commandership of the Faithful in safeguarding Morocco from religious extremism. In this respect, he shed light on Morocco’s reform of the religious sphere citing, in particular, the Imams’ training program in line with the tolerant religious and spiritual values of the Kingdom.

The Moroccan strategy to combat religious extremism is “highly appreciated” across the African continent, he said, noting that Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria are willing to learn from the expertise of the Kingdom in terms of the training of Imams’ in accordance with the values of moderate Islam.

He also highlighted the importance of the Moroccan-American partnership in fighting extremism, noting that the two countries had signed a major bilateral framework agreement on anti-terrorism assistance at the first US-Africa Summit, which was held in Washington in August 2014.

The agreement provides for bilateral cooperation in strengthening regional capacities, especially in the training of civil security services of the partners’ countries in areas of the Maghreb and Sahel through the mobilization of the mutual expertise in crisis management, border security and investigations…[Original Story, Subscription Required]




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