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A US commercial delegation with representatives of leading security and safety industry firms is in Morocco:

Ten leading US security industry firms in Morocco to seek business partnerships

MAP logoA US commercial delegation of ten leading security industry firms led by assistant secretary of commerce for industry and analysis Marcus Jadotte is currently visiting Morocco with the aim of forging business and investment partnerships.

This commercial delegation, on a visit to Morocco on March 4-6, aims at presenting the latest technologies geared towards infrastructure security and safety in Morocco, said the US official at a press briefing in Rabat.

The visit also aims to support the efforts that have been undertaken in Morocco in the field of consolidating infrastructure notably at the level of ports and airports, said Jadotte, noting that securing infrastructure will have a positive impact on trade between the two countries, he noted.

On the investment opportunities offered by Morocco, Jadotte said the Kingdom “has a lot to offer” in a challenging regional security environment.

Morocco, a “longstanding ally” of the US, offers “enormous investment opportunities” to US firm thanks to its stability, transparency and strategic location, the US official went on to say.

Jadotte added that the Free Trade Agreement signed between the two countries since 2006 offers a propitious framework for further developing trade relations.

Speaking on the same occasion, Minister for Industry, Trade, Investments and the Digital Economy said Morocco is “well-positioned” to play a leading role at the regional level in the field of security industries.

He said that the industrial acceleration plan along with the business climate and the qualified human resources enable Morocco to attract more American enterprises including those operating in the field of security technology.

Alami added that the visit of the US delegation is also aimed at seeking the means to boost the security and safety of Moroccan ports with a view of facilitating the obtainment of a US certification which, in turn, will have a positive impact on trade between the two countries.

During their visit, the members of US commercial delegation will meet officials from the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), the Royal Gendarmerie, the Moroccan police (DGSN), Customs and the ports authority. Meetings with private sector operators are also scheduled in the delegation’s agenda.

The US commercial delegation includes representatives of leading US security and safety industry firms namely Lenco Armored Vehicles, Tactical Electronics Corporation, Comm Port Technologies, Navajo Fabrics, Prism Lighting Services, Motorola Solutions, Morpho Detection, NBC Security, Gichner Systems Group et Galaxy Control Systems…[Original Story, Subscription Required]

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