Morocco, 1st African Country to Join International Agency for Research on Cancer | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco is the first African country to join the WHOs International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC):

MAP logoMorocco on Monday became the 1st African country to join the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a specialized agency of World Health Organization (WHO).

Morocco’s admission will promote the development of active partnerships with other regional cancer research organizations, IARC said in a statement.

Morocco has shown remarkable partnership be giving priority to the fight against cancer in public health, underlined IARC director, Christopher Wild.

He also said that Morocco has honored its commitment to promote its collaboration with IARC and play its role as a key stakeholder in research on cancer and prevention internationally.

Morocco’s admission as a participating country follows years of collaboration between IARC, Lalla Salma Foundation against Cancer and the Ministry of Health, which collaborate to improve research, prevention and fight against cancer.

IARC is meant to to promote international collaboration in cancer research. The Agency is inter-disciplinary, bringing together skills in epidemiology, laboratory sciences and biostatistics to identify the causes of cancer so that preventive measures may be adopted and the burden of disease and associated suffering reduced…[Original Story, Subscription Required]



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