African Innovation Prize reveals continent’s dazzling talent, Moroccan gets top spot with livestock antibiotic | Mail & Guardian Africa

A Moroccan has won the top prize in the 4th edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) awards:

mail and guardian africaTHE African Innovation Foundation has hosted the 4th edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) awards, held in Morocco. This year was one of the best yet with the Innovation Prize for Africa attracting 925 entries from 41 countries.

The top $100,000 prize went to Moroccan a scientist for developing a natural alternative to livestock antibiotics. His patented alternative, which can be added to the animal’s feed or drinking water, was developed from naturally-occurring molecules he found had anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties.

The natural, innovative formula reduces the health hazard to cattle and humans, and prevents the transmission of multi-resistant germs and possible carcinogens through meat, eggs and milk to humans at no extra cost to farmers. A ground-breaking discovery for Africa’s farmers who will have the opportunity to improve their production and address the rise of drug-resistant diseases…[Full Story]


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