Redistricting, much more than a technical operation | La Vie éco

Photo:  Vesna Middelkoop

Political party logos in Morocco. Photo: Vesna Middelkoop

Moroccan newspaper La Vie éco wrote earlier this week about Morocco’s progress toward redistricting in advance of September’s local elections. Translated from the French:

The basic [redistricting] principles have been accepted, but that hasn’t ended the debate that resurfaces on the eve of each election. The interior minister, taken to task on the issue by politicians, committed in April, during the debate of the draft Organic Law 59.11 on the election of board members of local authorities, to maintain the same mode and the same polling districts as in 2009. “The electoral system and electoral boundaries will not be affected,” he assured the MPs. This has not prevented the Ministry of Interior from making certain amendments to ensure, above all, greater female representation in elected local councils. The proportion will increase to just over 27% (at a minimum, since nothing prevents parties from nominating more) after the next election, compared to nearly 12% currently. To achieve this figure, the plan must first be endorsed by the Constitutional Council. Law 59.11, being an organic law, must be validated by the Constitutional Council before its promulgation…

The last general population census also spelled out changes to electoral districts. The Ministry of Interior is currently incorporating these latest adjustments while also taking into account consultations with political parties. It will be made public no later than 45 days before the elections, that is to say, before July 20… [full story in French]

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