Who will be king of Morocco’s real estate portals? | wamda

Internet cafe in Morocco. Photo credit: kapa123 on Flickr.

Internet cafe in Morocco. Photo credit: kapa123 on Flickr.

Writing for wamda, Aline Mayard looks at how the real estate sector is leveraging Morocco’s growing Internet connectivity:

If you want to understand Morocco’s digital transformation, look no further than the real estate sector. Thanks to the educational efforts of a few early websites, followed by efforts of a handful of international real estate portals with deep pockets, samsars [intermediaries working under the table], promoters, and agencies are slowly moving their business online.

While some small local websites have been around for years, like SeleKtimmo which launched in 2009, international websites, like Lamudi or Sarouty, started entering the market a couple of years ago. While Morocco already has an impressive number of real estate platforms, local and international entrepreneurs continue to be attracted by the potential this market represents, and more big international players are to enter the kingdom in the upcoming months. But many believe there isn’t enough room for all those players, so how will it shape up? [full story]

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