Ceviche, Cake, and Apple Cider Vinegar: What 9 Influential Washingtonians Eat for Breakfast | Washingtonian

Washingtonian takes a look at the Moroccan Ambassador’s breakfast, as part of a series on influential Washingtonians:

washingtonianRachad Bouhlal

Ambassador of Morocco to the United States

5 AM in Washington is 10 AM in Morocco, so each morning at that time, Rachad Bouhlal wakes and almost immediately gets on an overseas phone call.

Soon after, Bouhlal joins his wife Fatiha Bennani for breakfast in their Bethesda home. The dining room is colorful; a brightly patterned sofa wraps around two walls, and Moroccan silver dangles throughout.

The first meal of the day is important for Moroccans, and Bouhlal’s two chefs prepare breakfast accordingly. A large glass bowl holds fresh fruits like plums and mango; surrounding it are six smaller bowls filled with dried fruits, nuts, honey, olive oil, fresh fruits, and jam. The Bouhlals will ladle these toppings onto their main dishes.

First, the Bouhlals eat two poached eggs with khlii on top (a cut up, sundried beef). A server pours mint tea and Moroccan coffee into the Bouhlals’ cups, which the chefs make by mixing the grounds with cinnamon, crushed Arabic gum, cloves, and cardamum, Fatiha says…[FULL STORY]

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