Morocco to proclaim 2015-2030 period of national mobilization for renewal of Moroccan school (president of higher council of education) | MAP

A renewed push for Morocco’s ongoing effort to reform and improve education in the country implicates all stakeholders:

MAP logoPresident of the Moroccan higher council of education, training and scientific research, Omar Azziman, announced on Tuesday that Morocco will proclaim 2015-2030 a period of national mobilization for the success of the education system reforms and renewal of Moroccan school.

”All social components, public authorities, non-governmental organizations, political parties, trade unions, civil society, the media … are called for continuous mobilization around the 2015-203 strategic vision of the education system reform, Azziman said during MAP forum titled “which strategy for quality schools and pedagogic performance”.

He went on that the Council has recommended to translate contents of the strategic reforms vision into a law-framework that will be used as a national contract binding all stakeholders, stressing that success in this requires will to innovate and a work and management methodology at all levels.

“If things remain unchanged, and if nothing is done, or if we just simulate or restrict ourselves to incoherent measures, we are running right into the wall”, he cautioned, warning against risks of ineluctable worsening of school dropout, illiteracy and ignorance, decrease of the quality of training and the surge of threats that such a process would entail.

“Upgrading (education) is the key to social openness and promotion and the guarantee that individuals and society would be shielded against poverty, ignorance, extremism trends and identity isolation, he added noting that King Mohammed VI considers education reforms as a “national priority”.

Among other guarantees of the reform success, Azziman also cited unanimity over the need of urgent reforms and the close cooperation existing between his council and the government department in charge of education.

The meeting, held at MAP’s head offices in Rabat was an opportunity to debate reforms of the Moroccan education system and the Council’s strategic vision for Moroccan education reform (2015-2030)…[ORIGINAL STORY, SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]

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