Solar Power Invades Oil-Rich Middle East | Scientific American

Morocco, not dissuaded by low oil prices, continues its push to develop domestic renewable energy sources:

scientific american[…]

As part of its 2009 National Energy Strategy, Morocco has pledged to bring online 6,000 MW of renewable energy — 42 percent of its installed capacity — from hydro, wind and solar resources by the end of the decade.

Last year, officials told the Al-Hayat newspaper that the country would invest $11 billion in wind and solar over the next five years, allowing the country “to turn from an importer into an exporter of alternative energy by 2020.”

In addition to the Ouarzazate project, Morocco has identified four other sites for utility-scale solar developments: Ain Beni Mathar, Foum El Oued, Boujdour and Sebkhat Tah. Once built, the sites’ cumulative output should help Morocco avoid roughly 1 million tons of oil equivalent in imports annually and reduce emissions by 3.7 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent, according to the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy…[FULL STORY]


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