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Morocco has outlined a new development model for Western Sahara, including $77 million in new projects to build new infrastructure and create 120,000 jobs in the region:

The North Africa PostMorocco has unveiled several landmark socioeconomic development projects to be carried out in the southern provinces (Western Sahara) of the North African country, US major ally in the region.

These projects, announced in Laâyoune on the occasion of the historic visit King Mohammed VI is paying to the region, will benefit Sakia El Hamra Laâyoune, Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab and Guemim Oued Noun.

The projects, unveiled on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Green March, are expected to create thousands jobs and improve the living conditions of the local communities.

They include the construction of a port in the coastal city of Dakhla, a railway connecting Marrakech to Lagouira, a university hospital in Laâyoune as well as a bus station, a phosphate training college, a theater, sports complex, and new headquarters of the southern provinces agency.

The projects, which mark phase II of development plans for the Saharan provinces, include new road networks, airports and new social, medical, and educational facilities that will change the face of this region and lift it up to a new and modern era…[FULL STORY]




wrong number in the article. The amount to be allocated for the new projects is around $7.7 billion and not $77 million. Just for your information, one wind turbine of 2 MW cost around $2 million. For the port should be not less than $1 billion, and the desalination plant around $150 million, and this depend to the capacity…anyway, long live to our King Mohamed IV who is developing the whole regions in Morocco from North to South and from East to West.

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