Morocco had key intel role after Paris attacks | Stars and Stripes

Details on Morocco’s “key intel role” after the Paris attacks:

stars and stripesA top Moroccan intelligence official said on Tuesday that it was his country that put French and Belgian police on the trail of the network behind the November attacks in Paris that killed 130, and likely spared more lives by pinpointing the location of the suspected ringleader.

The director of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, Abdelhak Khiame, said “this intelligence precisely allowed France to avoid more severe attacks that were planned.”

European investigators are trying to piece together the geography of the Nov. 13 attacks, focusing attention not only on Paris and Brussels — where some of the attackers lived — but on other parts of Europe as well as the trail of some to Syria. The Islamic State extremist group claimed responsibility for the attacks on restaurants, cafes, a noted music hall and the sports stadium…[FULL STORY]


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