Morocco’s Dependable Friendship Warrants American Gratitude and Support | Huffington Post

Former Ambassador and White House Middle East Adviser or the US-Morocco friendship:

Americans have rare excuse to applaud an Arab state given the turmoil in the Middle East. What with ISIS, Iran’s dangerous support for terror, the endless violence, and Jihadi threats gripping the region, it is a challenge identifying a strong dependable, and extraordinarily supportive Arab ally in the chaos.

Fortunately, out of the 22 members of the Arab League, there are several good, reliable American friends, notably Morocco. Morocco has earned a particular expression of gratitude lately because of what its government has accomplished just this year alone in our joint battle against radical Islam.

I served as ambassador to Morocco under President Bill Clinton nearly 20 years ago during a more tranquil period in the Middle East. I had the privilege then to work with its government in its acclaimed peacemaking initiatives to help resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, in support of American efforts to end the violence in Rwanda, and providing the U.S. with a continuous flow of reliable intelligence on events affecting U.S. foreign policy…[FULL STORY]


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