Morocco: Tracking Terror | Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson

Interviews with both US and Moroccan officials on why Morocco is “getting it right” in its approach to countering violent extremism:


Thuman: What is it when it comes to fighting terror that you think has allowed Morocco to not only prevent more attacks in its own territory but also for attacks elsewhere?

Gen. Ward: I think that’s certainly a big key, their intelligence. Having eyes and ears, having an understanding of what’s going on in neighborhoods, putting the picture together, to help better understand what’s going on, and I think part of Morocco’s success is their network of knowledge that they have put together to understand what’s going on inside of their country.

Dr. Benhammou says the key to Morocco’s success is they make human intelligence, not technology, their first focus and rely heavily on what they call a Hadar, a system of interagency sharing of that vital information, combined with strict border controls and harsh gun laws…[FULL STORY]

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