Behind the Morocco-US Row: State Department Report Ignores Trends | Middle East Online

The President of Morocco’s National Human Rights Council, Driss El Yazami, gives a more nuanced view of the human rights situation in Morocco:

middle east online[…] For several decades, at the very least since the first Gulf War, the world has been preoccupied with the question of how to bring change to the Middle East and North Africa. In other words, we have all been – and still are — concerned with what is needed to establish and consolidate democracy and human rights for the people, and with the ways international partners, mainly the United States, can play an active role.

By now it is clear that a successful process of democratic reform can only develop from within, and that it requires a true alchemy of many ingredients: firm political will at the head of government, modern constitutional framework, strong and delineated institutions, free press, diverse media, and dynamic civil society. Finally, civil peace and stability are essential, too.

We have this in Morocco. And we also have an open and thorough discussion going on about what still needs to be done in terms of access to justice, equality, human rights of persons with disabilities, and other social reforms. The many reports easily available on our website and those of other independent institutions and NGOs, as well as our continued work speaking out about these issues and sharing information about the progress and obstacles we face, make that very clear. Not only do we know it, but we write and do a lot about it…[FULL STORY]


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