CNN Names Marrakesh Restaurant as One of World’s Top “Sky High and Rooftop Restaurants”

Credit: Le Foundouk

Credit: Le Foundouk

On June 23, CNN published a list of “the venues with menus worthy of their killer views” from around the world. Le Foundouk in Marrakesh made the list! Here’s what CNN had to say:

A charming terrace above Marrakech’s frenetic medina, Le Foundouk serves its take on Moroccan classics (beef fillet tagine, seafood pastilla) on a candle-lit rooftop overlooking the old town.

It can be hard to find, but lantern-bearing staff are on hand at the nearby taxi drop-off to guide diners to the restaurant.

Haute cuisine: Two Moroccan classics — a rich, slightly sweet and fragrant lamb and apricot tagine, and fluffy couscous studded with vegetables. [FULL STORY]

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