For a night, Maghreb joined forces to solve their social problems | Wamda

Wamda’s Yassine Bakir writes about the Maghreb Social Night Challenge hackathon that was held June 17-18. Organized by entrepreneur Ayoub Ammar of Casablanca, the event “invited Maghrebis to find entrepreneurial solutions to several local social issues in Algiers, Casablanca, and Tunis.” More from Wamda:

Participants – 30 from each country – were, or became, aware of the many issues they share such as youth unemployment, difficult access to health and education, and marginalization of certain populations.

Each country chose an issue to give neighbours to work on: Tunisians choose the professional reintegration of young prisoners, Algerians, the lack of economic opportunities for rural women, and school dropout rates in rural areas in Morocco.

“The idea of this challenge is to mark the premise of a collaboration and concrete actions between our countries,” said the manager of Espace Bidaya in Morocco, who asked to remain anonymous, which organised the event alongside the Algerian Startup Initiative from Algeria, Espace Bidaya in Morocco, and Lab’ess in Tunis.

“We all have the desire to work together to [create] a connected and unified Maghreb,” she added. [FULL STORY]

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